Simoncelli, P.Maniam, Sir Alex and Lee Chong Wei = My Condolence :(

Posted: 25/10/2011 in Sukan

Last weekend, these four names was hugely been spot light by the media. It’s not a happy one but its end tragically.

Marco Simoncelli was not a big name after he met with a crash which took his life. He died after crashed with Colin Edwards and his counterpart Valentino Rossi. It is a huge loss as Marco is defined as ‘The Future Rossi’. Using number 58, Marco started well ahead of Edwards and Rossi but in second lap he lost control of his bike and slightly down. It would be ok if it is 10 or 15 lap where there is no bike nearby but unfortunately Edwards and Rossi was behind him. Marco’s helmet was away from his head and his body was lying down on the track while Edwards stood up do know what to do. Rossi who do not turn back resume his race and after few seconds, the red flag was raise to end this race.

It’s a shame to see bottles were thrown onto the track, protesting that the supporters have paid for their ticket and yet the race has been called off for such incident. For me, it is unexpected. Nobody wanted to be see fatal crashed during the race. Please please please, show yourself a true Malaysian with humanity. Marco’s family, teammates and whole Italy lost him just a split second. Please treat his late body and his family a respect.

Today, late Marco will be fly to his hometown from KL. After a post mortem held in PPUM, doctor said that late Marco had a heavy injury to his head and chest. You can watch it on the video attached.

Someone said that someone maybe died on what he or she obsessed on, maybe tru maybe not. For Marco, rest in peace man

P.Maniam, the man who save Selangor from early exit of Malaysia Cup after took the hot Selangor coach seat from K.Devan. Maniam bring Selangor to quarter final after two ‘must win’ match and he managed to gunned down Police 4-1 and Kuala Lumpur 2-1. At the quarter final Selangor beat Perak on two ties, 3-1 in Shah Alam and 1-0 in Ipoh to meet Terengganu in the semis. But it’s long way to go before Maniam can have the icing on Selangor’s cake. Terengganu is much more better team and what else can Maniam do yet without his versatile captain, Amri Yahyah.

Maniam was not the person to blame nor the players. They played all out but Terengganu was better in all department. If Maniam stays, he need to improve a lot on striking department. With Safiq Rahim mostly wanted to join an Indo club, Maniam need to search for new talent to outcome the lack in attacking. The new rule for import players may be a good solution, but it is hard as well to find a quality one. Good luck Maniam!

Another great icon for football and it is Sir Alex Ferguson. Being with Manchester United for more than 20 years, winnign every title and still its him managing MU from years to years. But last night, he suffered a huge home defeat after 37 games at Old Trafford and it is embarrassing one against their noisy neighbour, Manchester City.

No lack at the line up, but until Johnny Evans marching orders, it’s look like the defence is fragile, with Ferdinand looking too old to find his pace and speed with a nippy Silva, Aguero and Balotelli. The subs made also too late. Taking too much time to brought in Jones to tight up the defence.

Red face SAF said so, but in football and 20 years, you might feel the ups and lows. And this time SAF feel the lows eventhough they beat Arsenal 8-2 earlier this season. Nevetheless, the season is still early and no one match will decide the trophy goes to.

Dato, Lee Chong Wei. No need to introduce. Being very regular in the final for each competition he’s in. Being haunted by Lin Dan and now the new rival Chen Long also from China. Previous defeat in Japan Open Final to Chen Long resume on last night Denmark Open Final, two defeat in a row. Now, LCW is facing either Lin Dan or Chen Long his new threat for the first Olympic gold medal, next year in London.

BAM should not stay calm and hoping that LCW will bring Malaysia to the top. A successor needs to be train to be the next LCW. We extremely don’t want to see the dejected faces of LCW after the loss but how long? It will be a called off for LCW soon but now we still can’t find the best replacement.

For LCW, stay focus about your target. Forget the development, the successor, the critism, focus and bring the first ever gold medal and you’ll retire handsomely J. But for now, my condolence for you.

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