Suarez Killed the ‘Beauty’ of the Game

Posted: 14/02/2012 in Sukan

Hi guys,

Before you read further, please take a look at this videos taken on MU – Liverpool match (11/02/2012) which saw MU easily beat Liverpool 2-1. Thanks to Sky Sport.

Kenny Daglish said that Suarez will shakes Evra’s while Ferguson said it was disgraced for the players like Suarez for not taking Evra’s hand. Ferdinand and Welbeck also lost respect to the Liverpool striker due to his revenge to Evra.

For me, Suarez has killed the ‘beauty’ of the game. Abusing Evra is part of the game, being suspended and yet Evra is more proffesional and gentlemen when he ask for the handshake but Suarez refuse it as he was not guilty for the abused.

In every game, players do a handshake. That’s the beauty, except you’ve slept with your opponents girlfriend before the game. After all, Suarez made it that night, being a markman at the end of both halves. First half ended when he blast the ball into the bench and second half saw he was mobbed by Evra who celebrate it in front of home fans. U get it Suarez 🙂

Apart from Suarez and Evra, this is football…more than putting the ball into the net, friendship and revenge!


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